We understand at Cheap Az Travel travelling can be expensive . That’s why we have put an amazing Cheap Az Travel 30 day East Coast itinerary together from Melbourne to Cairns. Check out below for a full itinerary on day to day adventures to give you an idea what you can see and what you can do.

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Itinerary Melbourne – Cairns

Day 1 Take the overnight bus from Melbourne to Sydney. Taking the overnight bus will save you money on accommodation. Great option is the Greyhound 30 day Whimit for this package

Day 2 Arrive Sydney check into your hostel. Visit such sites as Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House. Or jump on a ferry over to Manly.

Day 3 Day tour to the Blue Mountains with a local tour company. That will show you the main sites of the region

blue mountains
3 Sisters Blue Mountains

Day 4 Have a free day in Sydney maybe take in a harbour cruise

Day 5 This day you have a free day. And you will take the overnight bus to Byron Bay in the evening. We are heading North!

Day 6 Well done you have you arrived in Byron Bay the backpacker paradise. Have a free day may check out the lighthouse walk.

Day 7 It’s time to get your kayak on in the Byron Bay marine reserve. And maybe get up close with the local dolphins while your in Byron Bay

Surfing lesson Byron Bay

Day 8 Free Day or try a half day surf lesson

Welcome to Queensland

Day 9 Short bus ride to Surfers Paradise gets that pic of the famous Surfers Paradise sign. Book a kayak tour to Stradbroke Island or hire a jet ski ( Extra cost cost activities here)

Day 10 Free Day a good option here is surf lesson. Or book the Evening rainforst and Glow worm tour ( Extra cost activities)

Day 11 Another short bus ride to Brisbane, check in to your accommodation. And head down to Story Bridge for sunset views for dinner or have a drink at Fellons brewery.

Day 12 This day you have several options you can visit Lone Pine sanctuary a great way to do it is by boat along the river. Moreton island the worlds 3rd largest sand island

Sandboarding on Moreton island

Day 13 Australia Zoo entrance ticket this day you take the train from Roma street Station to Beerwah.

Day 14 Bus to Noosa check in to your hostel ask them if they have any free surfboards. And head to Main beach and see if you can hang 10.

Day 15 Free day check out any of the walks in Noosa National park or Noosa Everglades tour

noosa everglades sightseeing
Noosa everglades

Fraser island get ready

Day 16 Bus ride to Rainbow beach check into your hostel. And prepare for your 3-day 2-night Fraser island tagalong adventure.

Day 17 Your Fraser island 4wd adventure begins this is one of the highlights of the East Coast for travellers this will include all your food. You just bring your own snacks on drinks. Most of these tours are camping options. You also have to be 21 to drive on the island however you can still join the tour if your under that age.

Day 18 Your Fraser island adventure is into its second day. Are we having fun yet?

Day 19 You return of your Fraser island adventure and have 1 night in your hostel here before heading north tommorrow.

Group photo at Lake Mckenzie Fraser Island
Lake McKenzie Fraser island

Welcome to the tropics

Day 20 Take the overnight bus to the tropical Airlie Beach (Whitsundays)

Day 21 Arrive Airlie Beach check in at your hostel and get you drinks ready for 2 day 2 night, 2 day 1night sailing or a day tour on the Whitsundays.

Day 22 Take to the skies and do a 15000 foot skydive over the Whitsundays this is a awesome experience and the views are amazing

Day 23 If skydiving isnt your thing one of the scenic flights over the Whitsundays is spectacular.

Heart Reef Whitsundays

Day 24 Time to head off on the Bus to Townsville to head over to Magnetic island on the same day as the bus will drop you at the Townsville ferry terminal for a 2 night stay including return ferry and accommodation at Nomads Magnetic island or Selina’s

Day 25 Magnetic island stay and play snorkel the inner reefs hire a barbie car and drive around the island.

Day 26 Return to Townsville to get your bus up to cairns to arrive in the evening on the same day

Day 27 Time to hit the Great Barrier Reef with a day trip to the outer Reef or you can visit the islands such as Green, Fitzroy or Frankland.

dreamtime snorkelling on the great barrier reef

Day 28 No trip is complete without chasing a view of waterfalls so get on a day tour out to the Atherton Tablelands and see amazing waterfalls such as Millaa Millaa falls.

Day 29 Free Day on you Melbourne – Cairns have earned it

Day 30 Other options are Kuranda scenic train and Skyrail or Cape tribulation

Aerial view of Cape Tribulation.

Day 30 Your 30 day Melbourne – Cairns Adventure comes to an end but the next adventure is just around the corner at Cheap Az Travel