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Fraser island also now known as the traditional name K’gari is the world’s largest sand island. And in 1992 was listed as a World heritage area.

With the island measuring 132 km in length you can easily take several days exploring this amazing island. With One, Two and Three day tours available to see the island. On your journey you will see lush rainforest’s, fresh water lakes and creeks.

A popular way of seeing the island is a 3 Day night 4WD adventure called a tagalong tour. Join other likeminded travellers in a 4WD and follow the leader from the tour company. These tours are especially popular with young travellers including your food and camping equipment.

Also fully guided tours run daily if that is more your style and sit back and let your driver explain the culture history of the Fraser island.

Another option is hiring your own 4WD package for the island including camping equipment.

Cheap Az Travel Places to visit

Lake Mckenzie ( Boorangoora) Is and inland lake and extremely popular with visitors to the island. With its blue waters and white sandy beach. Please note Fraser island does have a dingo population so please don’t take food to the popular areas for safety.

Lake Wabby is the deepest lake on Fraser island and has a very significant cultural meaning to the Butchulla people It also lies on the shore of the Hammerstone Sandblow.

Eli Creek Relax and cool down with this crystal clear freshwater creek that runs through the banks and right out to the beach.

Kingfisher Bay impressive views along the coastline of the  Great Sandy Strait.