Blue Mountains Day tour

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  • Return transfer from Sydney
  • 18 to 35-year-old-based tour
  • Three sisters rock formations
  • Lunch included
  • See wild kangaroos
  • All National Park fees included


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The Blue Mountains day tour It begins with some central Sydney pickups close to your hostel or accommodation. We have just over an hour to get to know the group when everyone boards the bus. coffee before we arrive at Glenbrook, our first visit.


  • Departs Sydney at 7.30 a.m
  • Returns Sydney around 6.30 p.m

One of our fantastic local guides, who put up this awesome day tour, is from Glenbrook in the lower Blue Mountains. Before continuing on, we’ll stop at Glenbrook for a quick coffee or smoothie, the restrooms, or to taste an incredible locally made gourmet meat pie


  • Onboard Coast Warriors “Trudy,” Australia’s coolest Australian bus, has young and entertaining Australian guides who lead a less commercialised small group tour.
  • Excellent for solo and sociable travellers as well as those looking to explore only Sydney’s top attractions and meet new people.
  • Not that kind of tour; we don’t take families with little children.
  • View the Three Sisters rock formations and learn about the Native American legend that surrounds it.
  • Visit some hidden lookouts and waterfalls, such as the magnificent Wentworth Falls, Lincoln’s Rock, and occasionally Govetts Leap.
  • Enjoy a tasty picnic lunch and drinks of your choosing. We stop at a liquor store.
  • See wild kangaroos, as well as Kookaburras and Lyrebirds frequently.
  • On warmer days, go swimming at a nearby natural swimming hole or simply unwind on the beach.
  • On the bus to the trial, there are Tim Tams and Vegemite.

The Three Sisters

The Blue Mountains’ distinctive Three Sisters rock formations are located at Ktown (Katoomba), which is reached by Trudy (the bus) continuing farther up the mountains. Your guide will explain the meaning of the three ladies’ significance to the Aboriginal people as we observe them up close. After finishing the day’s busiest tourist destination, we move on to the more laid-back and well-known Wentworth Falls.

At Wenty Falls, we begin a roughly 90-minute moderately difficult, outdoors-only journey down to the base of the 187-meter waterfall in Jamison Valley, also known as Jurassic Park by certain tourists, particularly on misty days, via the undercliff walk, the “Stairs of Doom,” and National Pass.

Get the Perfect Photo

Throughout the journey, the Blue Mountain day tour stops at a number of breathtaking overlooks from which you can truly appreciate Sydney’s stunning Blue Mountains, either with the help of your iPhone, Android, or, for the truly odd travellers, only your two eyes. You don’t have to be a millennial to use a smartphone, so don’t worry about that.

This hike is not particularly strenuous, but if you don’t feel up to it, you can opt for the shorter route to the first waterfall and cliff walk. Then, you can return at your own pace to the picnic area and take advantage of the free time to watch the magpies or kookaburras or work on your Instagram story for today.

Did someone say lunch?

People get hungry after touring, exploring the wilderness, and visiting waterfalls, so after our journey back up the Stairs of Doom, you may enjoy a picnic lunch in the open air. The Blue Mountains are where we discovered the tastiest fresh rolls. We do offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food options. You are invited to bring your own beverages of any sort to enjoy with your lunch, which you may keep in our onboard Esky (ice box). We also participate in a bottle shop during the tour. We are proud to declare that Coast Warriors is Sydney’s only tour company that will prepare a fresh barbeque meal for you. Although occasionally we run out of water, please be environmentally friendly and bring a water bottle that you can refill throughout the day. We offer water bottles for a low $1, with all proceeds going to charity.

We travel to Lincoln’s Rock, an incredible rock resort with unobstructed views of Jamison Valley, after lunch. You get the impression that you are on a clifftop. Then, after travelling for a while on a lengthy dirt road through the Blue Mountains National Park,. In Glenbrook, we arrive at a valley that is a well-liked kangaroo hangout and camping location. These kangaroos are as wild as they can be; we frequently observe joeys coming in and out of the pouch. And, if the circumstances call for it, the occasional kangaroo battle.

After capturing a few images of kangaroos, we travel to a Coast Warriors lookout. That only we are aware of due to our extensive local knowledge. But on hotter days, we switch out for a swim and a sunbath at Jellybean Pool. My neighbourhood swimming hole in Glenny! This neighbourhood swimming hole is as Australian as they get. It is surrounded by bush, birds, rocks, and a little stray natural sand, while the sky above is a brilliant blue. 

When we get back to Sydney, we frequently end with a drink at a nearby bar for anyone who wants to stay out late with their new friend.

Important info before travel

  • Warm clothes
  • Walking shoes
  • Camera
  • Drink bottle
  • Sun screen
  • Hat

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