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When you think about destinations and what you want on the top of your list when visiting Australia. Uluru is definitely going to be one of the places that appears on that list.

You may have heard of it by many names – Ayers Rock, The Rock, Uluru. This sandstone monolith is one of the natural wonders of the world. It’s believed to have formed over 550 million years ago. That’s crazy!

How do I get here?

If you’re in a car it’s going to take to a couple of days to get from any of the major cities to the red centre of Australia. Depending where you’re coming from there will be various places to stop and check out along the way. The closest town of any decent population size is Alice Springs 450 km away. Many people will fly in here to begin their journey. Car hire and tours are both available for departure from here.

Another option is to fly direct into Ayers rock airport. This is close to Uluru itself though Ayers rock resort is only a small resort area so you won’t find as many options. Options here are also likely to be more expensive because of the remoteness.

What can I do?

Uluru is best viewed at Sunrise and sunset. If you arrive in the afternoon that will give you enough time to walk around the base of Uluru itself. Afterwards you can find a good view point to take in the changing colours at sunset. In the morning make sure you’re early to capture the spectacular views at sunrise. We recommend one of the viewing platforms between Kata Tjuta and Uluru for a different perspective.

The other two locations you must visit in the are are Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. The 36 domes of Kata Tjuta cover more than 20 kilometres squared. There are a couple of walks that you can do here. The Walpa Gorge walk and Valley of the winds walk are both great options to explore between the domes. While walking you’ll discover a variety of plant life and flowers that call this area home including wallabies.

Kings Canyon is a spectacular spot to walk as well. Those of sound fitness can trek up “heart attack hill” and do the rim walk. The six kilometre circuit will take you to the garden of eden. An enchanting rock hole surrounded by plants. As you walk around the top of Kings Canyon enjoy the 360 degree views of the surrounding area. This walk is best tackled at sunrise before it gets too hot in the day. Those not confident to tackle the rim walk can enjoy other easier walks such as the kings creek walk.

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Those keen for a tour can check out our overland tours departing from Alice Springs or from Ayers rock.