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What’s The Difference Between Premier Bus and Greyhound Bus?

There are afew differences between Greyhound and Premier Bus.
We love them both as a cheap way to travel up and down the East Coast so its a personal choise which one suits you best.

Greyhound Buses cover a much bigger part of Australia. Traveling from *Melbourne all the way to Cairns
*Cairns to Darwin
*Darwin to Broome
*Darwin To Adelaide

Premier Buses cover from Sydney to Cairns only.

Greyhound will run mulitple services a day during peak periods.

Premier runs 1 service per day.

Premier is cheaper than greyhound so great for budget travelers.

Greyhound allows you to travel any direction on your pass as well as re-travelling the same routes.

Premier Passes are One Directional only.

Greyhound Buses are generally newer and advertise free wifi (although it’s limited to signal strength and is pretty slow). Once out of the big cities.

Which Is Better – Premier Bus Pass or Greyhound Bus Pass?

Neither are better than the other, we are spoilt with choise depending on what your preference is really.

Money wise – If budget is your main concern then the Premier Bus Pass is the cheapest way to travel if you are only on the East Coast.

Ease of Use – You can manage both of these options online and change and book sectors easily. (We are always there to do it for you as well if you cant be arsed lol).

Coverage – Greyhound has more coverage so therefore a better pass if you are looking at getting off the East Coast and exploring other parts of Australia.