Kuranda Scenic Train & Skyrail From Cairns

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Fast facts

  • Departs Cairns from 8.05 am accommodation
  • Meet the Scenic train at 9.50 am
  • Spend free time in Kuranda
  • Depart Kuranda on Skyrail 15.45 pm
  • Arrive Cairns approx 6pm
  • This tour must be booked 24 hours in advance of departure or call 0411358336 to book last minute.

join the Kuranda Scenic Rail and spend free time in Kuranda wandering throught the markets or the toursist sites such as Australian butterfly sanctuary or Koala gardens. Before your trip on the Skyrail descending back down to Cairns

The Kuranda scenic train adventure will have you departing your Cairns accommodation with your expert driver from Value Day Tours, who will also check you in and provide you with a Kuranda Boarding Pass. This contains a complete schedule with times as well as your tickets for the Kuranda Scenic Rail and Skyrail. You will be arriving at Freshwater Station to join the 9.50 am scenic train.

As the train winds itself to Kuranda, it will offer breathtaking views as you pass through Barron Gorge. Following your arrival in Kuranda, you are given free time to explore at your leisure. You can wander the Markets or have lunch at one of the many cafes. There are several well-known Kuranda attractions, such as Australian Butterfly World and Koala Gardens, and you can benefit from cheap entry with your Boarding Pass. At the scheduled time of 3.45 pm, board the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway for an unforgettable experience descending back down. You will have the chance to make two stops along the way for some fantastic views.

Once you return to the Skyrail Smithfield terminal, your driver will be waiting to return you to your Cairns accommodation.

Extra activities in Kuranda

Koala Gardens

The award-winning “boutique” wildlife experience at Koala Gardens offers guests a fantastic opportunity to interact with some of Australia’s most recognizable animals. Use the chance to “Cuddle a Koala” (extra cost includes a digital souvenir photo).

Koalas, quokkas, freshwater crocodiles, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, snakes, monitors, and many other reptiles can all be found in Koala Gardens. Join our Wildlife Keeper for a short guided tour , where you’ll learn about bilbies, possums, and gliders. See our newest exhibit, the ‘Aussie Bush Collection,’ which features a combination of marsupials and reptiles. All of this is available at Kuranda Village markets.

You can meet, pat, and hand feed tame kangaroos, pademelons, and wallabies in our open layout. We also have a significant variety of lizards, dragons, and monitors. Camouflage is essential to their survival, so take your time and look for them amid the trees, leaves, and streams.

Freshwater Crocodiles can be found relaxing around the lagoon, frequently soaking up the sun on the banks. Because of our elevated bridge walkway, you can see them from above. Many of the rainforest’s loveliest denizens, such as the Squirrel and Mahogany Gliders, are only active at night, but you can see what they get up to at our Nocturnal Wonders display, which also houses the first Bilbies in North Queensland, as well as some Bettongs and Bandicoots.

The museum is open all day, with a guided tour at 2 p.m. Meet our Wildlife Keeper for an educational presentation about Australian marsupials such as wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, and quokkas.

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

The top tourist destination in Kuranda is the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary. The second attraction is Australia’s largest butterfly aviary and exhibit. Thirdly, it is an outdoor activity in the centre of the picturesque Kuranda village.

Most notably,at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary approximately 1500 gorgeous tropical butterflies will astound you as you stroll through the aviary’s rain forest gardens. We have butterflies from the nearby rainforest. including the spectacular green & yellow Cairns Birdwing and the electric blue Ulysses.

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary Guided Aviary Tour

You will be taken by one of our trained guides around our rainforest aviary. describing the behaviour and life cycle of a butterfly. Make sure to dress brightly (we suggest red or hot pink). And as you pass through, let these lovely butterflies flutter around you. With our UV display, you can see colours via a butterfly’s eyes.

The Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden is also like entering a small fairy tale. View tiny butterfly species amidst enchanting fairy, miniature settings, and both native and alien plant species.
The Fairy Garden, however, is located in a different area of our aviary than the rest of it. constructed to display tiny butterflies. The Grass Yellow Butterfly calls it home. This little aviary has a very thin shade cloth covering it to keep the lighting as natural as possible. The butterflies can then consume real flowers rather than artificial ones like nectar.

The Museum

Moreover 584 different butterflies and moths are on display at the Australian Butterfly Museum. species come in a wide range of hues, forms, and sizes.
But you get a unique opportunity to see many species up close at the museum. from different countries. Including the Northern Hemisphere, Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe.

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