What to do between Melbourne and Sydney by campervan is best if you are wanting to travel at your own pace. Lots of people fly up or get the bus overnight but there are so many reasons to grab a campervan or motorhome and Wombat Spotting is one of them.


Mornington Peninsula

Your first stop should be the Mornington Peninsula.  Many activities to do when you are visiting Mornington Peninsula such as trying their wonderful food, sipping wine at the wineries, diving, fishing surfing at the surf beaches, hiking trails, hot sprints and an enchanted maze with towering trees.
Some caravan parks and campsites available are Kangerong Holiday park and Foreshore Camping.

Phillip Island

On your trip from Melbourne to Sydney Phillip island is a must go to on your road trip. Watch the penguins waddle in from the sea, Phillip island wildlife park, or visit A Maze ’N Things where there is illusions, puzzles, mazes, and mini golf courses.
some caravan parks and campsites available areBig4 Phillip Island Caravan Park, a Maze ‘N Things holiday cabin park.

Wilsons Promontory

After your stop at Phillip island a must stop is Wilsons promontory. There is many hiking tracks and lots of different wildlife to see. Make sure keep you eyes peeled for the elusive Wombat, they can be seen rambling through the bushes and even on the side of the roads.
There have lots of accommodation options for whether you want to camp under the night sky or if you want somewhere to shower and use a bathroom.
Some caravan parks and campsites at Wilsons prom are Yanakie caravan park and Franklin river reserve campground.

Lakes Entrance

Your last stop on your road trip through Victoria before you reach Sydney is lakes entrance. Located on the edge of the 90 mile beach this cute seaside town has some awesome activities such as hiring a paddle boat, visiting the Buhan caves, taking a winery cruise or having a picnic down at the beach. And if you’ve ever wanted to go camel riding then it is an awesome activity to do while stopped at lakes entrance.  
Some caravan parks and campsites at lakes entrance are Lakes Entrance Recreation and camping reserve and north arm tourist park.

New South Wales


Merimbula is a beautiful place with stunning beaches and seafood feasts where they locally grow oysters, mussels and crayfish. While visiting you can go boating, fishing, snorkelling and not to mention the boardwalks which is a must do while visiting.
Caravan parks and campsites you can stop at are Hobart Beach Campground and Gillard’s Campground

Batemans Bay

Next stop on your road trip you have Batemans bay. The further you travel up north the better the beaches get. Batemans bay is a great place for exploring the natural beauty’s on the NSW South Coast.
Caravan and campsites you might want to stop at is the Canberra south motor park and Woods Reserve.


While on your road trip if you are wanting to see the capital of Australia then head up west to Canberra. While visiting Canberra you can see sites such as parliament house, the Australian war memorial and explore some of the beautiful galleries. Canberra holds a wide range of cultural and historical sites that are an important part of Australia.
Caravan parks and camp sites, you can stay at while stopping in Canberra is the Canberra south motor park and woods reserve.

Jervis bay

Heading back on to the coast your next stop is Jervis bay. Here visiting Hyams beach is a must it has been voted the whitest sand beach in the world and has beautiful turquoise blue waters.  Plenty of stunning beaches and lots to do while here we recommend spending more than just one night here. Some activities we recommend while visiting Jervis Bay is scuba diving, whale and dolphin watching, having a few drinks at the wineries, and trying out some of the local cafes.  
Caravan parks and camp sites to stay at is the Warri camping reserve and yass soldiers club.

Detour before Sydney: Blue Mountains

You’ve almost made it to Sydney but just before you get there take a little break and see the gorgeous beaches and scenic ocean views and head to the Blue Mountains. Get those Instagram shots in the beautiful rainforests and dazzling views of the deep cliffs.  Go along the scenic skyline for an ariel view of the Three sisters which has got to be the most spectacular landmark in the Blue Mountains. If you are the adventurer type of person you can abseil down the waterfalls.
 Caravan parks and campsites that you can stop at is Yalwal campground, Bummaroo Ford campground and the Army camps.


You’ve finally made it to Sydney but the fun doesn’t stop now. You defiantly won’t run out of things to do while visiting, be sure to check out some of Sydney’s famous attractions such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

There is plenty of campsites to stay at for free or cheap along your journey from Melbourne to Sydney. We recommend travelling in a campervan because there is so many beautiful locations to explore on your way, and that you wouldn’t experience it all if you just flew there.  

For hotels check out Australian Owned: hotels.com.au