Are you looking for a trip to the Whitsundays? The number one thing to do is a boat trip around the 74 islands of the Whitsundays. Most boats will take you to stunning Whitehaven Beach famous for its silica sandy white beach and turquoise waters. Known to most travelers as their favorite beach on the East Coast and one of Australia’s.

How much does a boat trip cost?

Depending on your time and money there are plenty of options to choose. If you are on a tight schedule or shoestring budget you can do a one day tour from $120. 2 Day 1 Night $300 and 2 Days 2 Night $400 – $500.

Depending on what style of adventure you want to have from relaxing getaways to more of a social boat.

Whats included on the boats?

On all boat trips your snorkeling equipment is included. If you want to be a bit more adventures you can do an intro or a certified dive. Most times they cost around an extra $50 per dive.

An intro dive is welcoming to scuba diving. If you have never tried it before it’s the perfect and easiest way to get a taste for it. And you will be led by your expert boat crews all the way. And it’s a fantastic way of getting up close with all the great wonders the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. With many of the boats, you also have some extra activities for your adventure. From sea kayaks, water slides, diving boards hot tubs even sea scooters.

Is food included on the trips ?

Most food is included on all the boats. On a One day tour, you will receive morning & afternoon tea and lunch. With overnight tours, most of your meals are all included. But some may vary so you can check that with any of the boat menu lists. With accommodation, boats range from open hull dorm beds shared double beds or private rooms. You can even camp in a swag under the stars on some trips.

Are there different type of boats?

There is a full range of boats to choose from. Such as Catamarans,  tall sailing ships, Clipper boats, speedy rafting boats, and maxi Boats. So depending on what style and adventure you want there is a lot to choose from. We can help narrow that search down for you.

Can I do a Reef Flights ?

If your looking for that extra scenery photo. Try any of the helicopter or plane options over the islands and reef. Heart Reef is an extremely popular trip and yes it’s in the shape of a heart. And you can also land at Whitehaven Beach trips range from $150 up to $600.
Airlie Beach the heart of the reef

Airlie Beach  Is a fun little town located 620 km south of Cairns. With lots of great local pubs, and of course fresh seafood restaurants. So if you going to have a couple of spare days before your boat trip out. You will have plenty of things to do. Or you can just relax and chill by the pool or the lagoon in the main town. Skydiving in Airlie is one of the most popular drop zones. With people traveling to Airlie Beach and along the East Coast with amazing views of the reef and the islands. Just a few minute’s drive from Airlie Beach you have the hinterland of Conway National Park. Where you can do walking trails and scenic lookouts over the islands.

When should I plan my trip to the whitsundays and when should i book my tour ?

Christmas is an extremely busy time for the Whitsundays. So we do recommend booking your boat trip a few weeks or even a month or two in advance. Don’t forget whale season is an awesome time between May & September that’s Queensland winter months but still, great weather. Imagine being on your boat and getting the chance to see whales migrating along the coast. January to the end of March is the wet season. So it can have heavy rain and be cyclonic. But sometimes the seasons are not rainy at all so it does depend on each year. So we suggest anywhere from May to December on your adventure. But you can always keep up to date with us and we can keep you in the know.

We hope to see you real soon in the Whitsundays for your adventure of a lifetime.