Great Ocean Road & Grampians tours:

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Visitors to Melbourne have many things on their to do lists. There’s shopping, eating, exploring, relaxing at the beach watching a horse race etc. But one of the biggest attractions is to check out one of the top ten drives in the world, The Great Ocean Road.

A bit of history

Stretching along 244 kilometres of coastline the Great ocean Road was one incredible feat to achieve. Construction started in the early 1900s after the end of the first world war in order to provide returning soldiers with work.

Sections of the road were surrounded by volcanic rock and therefore had to be blown apart using dynamite. They didn’t have the heavy machinery we use today, this was all dynamite and pickaxes.

Not just a way of providing work to soldiers the road also serves as one of the worlds largest war memorials. Memorial Arch stands near Eastern view and is one of the most popular spots for a photo along the route. It’s been rebuilt 3 times and originally served as a toll point until the road was paid off.

Sights and attractions

At the start of the Great Ocean road there are some beautiful coastal towns to check out such as Torquay and Anglesea. It’s worth stopping here for a walk on the beach or overnight stay. The world famous bells beach is just outside of Torquay for experienced surfers.

Continue along the road and head past memorial arch and you’ll find the towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay. Lorne is famous for the Pier to pub race and Apollo bay is an amazing holiday destination.

Just after Apollo bay you’ll enter the Otway rainforest. Breathe in some of the freshest air in Victoria and if you want take the turn off to Cape Otway Lighthouse. Lots of Koalas can be spotted here and the lighthouse is the oldest standing one in Australia. It’s definitely worth the visit.

Another hour and a half’s drive and you’ll arrive at the last section of the great ocean road. The Shipwreck coast, aptly named as it’s believed that up to 700 ships have perished off these shores on the treacherous bass strait.

This area is home to the most popular attraction, the twelve apostles. Marvel at these massive limestone rock formations off shore and get some once in a lifetime photos. While you’re here make sure you visit the Gibsons steps for a walk down on the beach. Also venture to Loch Ard Gorge to learn it’s history.

Those self driving can stay a night in Port Campbell before heading up to the Grampians national park. This national park has lots of amazing bush walks and plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities. Stay in the town of halls gap and visit Mackenzie waterfalls and The balconies for epic photos.

If you’re short on time a small group one day Great ocean road tour is the way to see the best spots. We hope you enjoy this amazing part of the world.