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Port Lincoln is famous for it’s superb beaches and delicious seafood. It draws crowds from all over to taste food fresh from the ocean. No wonder it’s thought of as the seafood capital of Australia. The biggest attractions here are in the ocean but not just limited to food!

Getting here

If you’re driving Port Lincoln is an 7 hour drive around the Spencer Gulf. You can shave off a bit of time by taking the ferry from Wallaroo to lucky bay across the Spencer Gulf too. A bus service run by Premier Stateliner will also get you there in 9 hours. If you’re short on time or not driving jump on a short 1 hour flight with rex or Qantas.

What can I do?

The attractions here are in, from or next to the Ocean. We’re talking eating, swimming, boating and relaxing. Definitely check out some of the spectacular beaches and soak in the sun. Make sure you try some Oysters while you’re here too. The seafood doesn’t get any fresher.

Most people are visiting here to go Shark Cage diving with great white sharks. This epic charter takes you 3 hours off the coast to the Neptune islands. Here you spend the day in marvelling at one of the oceans fiercest predators from the boat and in a cage in the water. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience that we can’t recommend enough.

Swimming with sea lions is another popular adventure here. These cute critters are heaps of fun to get up close to. A truly awesome, unique experience.

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