The Whitsundays are a must-see when traveling the east coast of Australia. On my Whitsundays tour, it included snorkeling, exploring the beach, sunbathing on the boat, and sailing the ocean. We spent the night before in Airlie Beach. Which gave us time to get alcohol and snacks, which you were able to bring on the boat. The Whitsundays are about exploring the great barrier reef. And seeing Whitehaven Beach, Hook Island, Hayman Island, Border Island, and Whitsunday Island.

Day 1

We headed down to the dock where we met the other people who were going on the same tour as us.  The guides gave us a nice welcome and helped us up onto the boat. The boat we went on is called Avatar and the set up is real cool. There were 3 little rooms on either side of the boat with beds. Which you had to climb down to sleep in.

They had a double bed inside and when you were going to sleep you had to pull down the hatch. The other sleeping option was under the boat, that was where the kitchen and bathroom were as well. 

The Avatar on the whitsundays

Everyone pitches in to help raise the sail as we set sail on our trip. As we travelled down the ocean, we all sat outside in the sunshine. At our first stop, we put on our wetsuits and embark on a snorkelling excursion. Around us were countless varieties of fish.

They would approach you so closely that they almost seemed to swim into you. My first time snorkelling was such a fantastic experience. Returning to the boat, we set out in search of a suitable location to drop the anchor for the evening. We enjoyed hanging out together and enjoying few drinks at night. To keep warm under the boat as the temperature dropped, we engaged in some drinking games and conversation.

Sunset on the whitsundays

Day 2

As I woke up early on the next morning we were already on the move, and the boat crew were preparing breakfast. We were headed to the famous Whitehaven beach. Then we were driven on a little motorboat over to the beach as there were big rocks, so it was too hard to navigate through. We were able to do a nice little bush walk up to Whitehaven beach.

Beach Time

There was a little boardwalk at the top where there was such a beautiful view of the beach. We finally got to walk onto the beautiful white sand, it was so soft almost like walking on clouds. We got some free time to hang out on the beach. And with the nice sun I laid down and sunbathed I ended up falling asleep for a bit on the beach. The water is so beautiful and blue so we went for a walk in the water. And we had a dip before we had to dry off and head back to the boat. 

Whitehaven hill inlet

We headed to our next stop where we could go snorkeling again. This spot was so cool just being surrounded by heaps of fish. Some of the fish were massive. I heard someone near by say they saw a turtle, so I had to quickly swim over I didn’t want to miss that. Seeing a sea turtle right there in front of me was just incredible just watching it glide through the water. We jumped back on the boat sunbathed some more and we saw some sea turtles in the water out the side of the boat their heads kept bopping up a down. 

Turtle swimming at green island

Then we stopped again for our last night on the avatar and had some dinner, this night was so good as everyone had gotten to know each other. We played some card games and some drinking games. I loved when we played thunderstruck it was so funny, whenever the song says thunder struck you have to drink until it says it again and goes onto the next person.

After that some people went off to sleep and the rest of us went out to the top of the boat. The stars at night were incredible was like I’d never seen before; it was so dark so there were hundreds of thousands of stars. 

Back on land

Our trip on the Whitsundays was coming to an end and we were heading back to the dock. My highlights of the Whitsundays were the beautiful skies, the sunsets and the stars, swimming with the turtles and of course Whitehaven beach. When we headed back, we planned a nice big barbecue dinner with some of the people we met. We all brought some friends along that we had met on our travels, and it made for a really nice end to the trip.