We have been helping travellers with renting their Campervan Road trips for over 18 years.

Below is our advice and handy tips as well as an awesome discount code to use on our live comparison website.

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Renting a campervan around Oz or NZ in a campervan or motorhome gives you so much freedom and allows you to get off the beaten track and see things that you would miss whizzing pass on a bus.

It also saves you money in terms of not having to pay for day trips out to places like the Blue Mountains, Cape Tribulation or Kalbarri Gorge in Western Australia when traveling around.

With the growing cost of accommodation in hostels around oz, using apps such as WikiCamps and Campermate, can help you find and plan campgrounds, paid and free, along the way. This will save on expensive accommodation and give you a real sleep under the stars, wake up on the beach experience. Australians have always had a love for camping and therefore there are an abundance of campgrounds to choose from when renting a campervan.


The main difference between a campervan and a motorhome is the size and facilities in side. Motorhomes are built on a truck chassis which is much longer and therefore gives you more room inside (most people can stand and walk around in the Motorhomes).

Campervans are built of a van chassis, which are much shorter. Campervans will vary a lot in terms of the facilities provided.  So it depends on your budget, number of people travelling and how much room you want to have inside the van along the way.

Cheapest Campervans:

The most basic is a bed in the back with an esky (coolbox- you will need to buy ice) and a little portable cooker with a low roof, great for young travellers on a budget. You can sleep in these vans, but need to set the bed up each night. They are really like a car you can then sleep in. You will be able to hire one of these if you are over 18 and have your full driver’s license.

Mid Range Price Campervans:

Similar in size to the basic, but these will include a fridge, and built in cooker and cooking facilities. Great for young travellers who are still budget focused but don’t want to buy a bag of ice each day (approx. $4.00). You can sleep in these vans but need to set the bed up each night. But you are able to hire one of these if you are over 18 and have your full driver’s license.

You can hire one of these with some companies if you are over 18 and have your full license, but others will require you to be over 21.

High Top Campervans:

These vehicles have a higher roof (though not as tall as a motorhome) and have their cooking facilities set up inside the van. There is generally a dining table in the van which then converts to a double bed. Some of these also include toilets and showers, but they are very compact in these hightop vehicles. Most of these will also have storage space and outlets for charging devices.

Campervans are built of a van chassis, which are much shorter. Campervans will vary a lot in terms of the facilities provided.  So it depends on your budget, number of people travelling and how much room you want to have inside the van along the way.


These are the biggest vehicles and great for using when travelling as a couple, group of friends or as a family. We rent loads of these out to traveller’s whose parents have come over to explore with them. The Motorhomes come with 1, 2 or 3 double beds. All cooking facilities are provided, most have microwaves as well.

All have toilets and showers and you can comfortably hang out and play a game of cards on the inside table. You will generally have 1 bed permanently set up and will have to set up the others during the evening.

Although these will seem pricey when hiring, if you breakdown the price between the number of people travelling, it really works out to be good value. The motorhomes will be a bit trickier to drive and park due to their size and you will have to be over 21 to be able to drive these.

The bigger the vehicle, the more fuel consumption you will use, but dividing that by more people in a van is helpful as well.

4WD Hire:

There are some locations and attractions off sealed roadways where access is permitted only with a 4WD vehicle. Places such as the Great Sandy National Park, Kalbarri National Park, Bungle Bungle Ranges, Parts of Gibb River Road, Parts of Kakadu National Park and the coastal road to Cooktown are all accessible by 4WD car only.

Hiring a 4WD is a great option for travellers who really want to get into our unique and sometimes remote National Parks. These can also vary in price, and you really need to make sure you look closely at the insurance options for these vehicles to make sure where you are planning to go is covered. (We will of course assist you with this).


Booking in advance is your best way to save money when booking a van. The great thing is that you only need to pay a deposit at the time of booking for most vans. And the rest of the payment is due either 35 days prior to pickup or on the pickup day itself.

Having flexibility on where and when you start your trip can save you money as well. Quite often a campervan from Sydney to Cairns will vary in price. For the same vehicle from Cairns to Sydney for example. We will always advise on this when you chat to us. We also keep up to date with any specials that may be on offer.

Travelling during off peak periods will have a big impact on the cost of your hire. School Holidays and other peak periods can double the cost of campervan/car hires. Especially if you leave it to the last minute. December, January, February, March and April are our summer months and a time when campervans are heavily booked.  Don’t wait until the last minute to book as you may not get the vehicle of your choosing.

Booking on our Comparison Website. We have live availability for vans and make sure we have the best rates. You can use your discount code IRISHAROUNDOZ on top of that to save even more cash.


The simple answer is YES YOU CAN. There are several companies that offer rentals to drivers under 21 years of age.  You won’t be able to hire a big motorhome and some companies will have additional surcharges for renting as an under 21-year-old.

Companies that rent to Under 21 year olds:
Travellers AutoBarn
Cheapa Campers
Hippie Campers
Wicked/Campervan Village
Camperman Australia

Make sure you investigate the insurance options offered to under 21 year old drivers. Some excesses may be more or you might need to leave a larger bond.

You will always need to have a full driver’s licence to be able to hire a campervan, learners permits will not be allowed. And you always need to have your physical license with you on pickup as well.


If it’s your first time driving in Australia, or on the left-hand side of the road, be sure to brush up on Australian driving rules and basics before you arrive.

Driver’s License: You will need to always have your driver’s license on you while driving the vehicle. To legally drive a rented vehicle, you will need to have a current license. You can use an Australian or International License or a standard license from most countries (Germany, France, Brazil, Netherlands etc). The words “driver’s license” in English must be present. If you do not have a driver’s license that shows this, you will need to get an international translation. (Probably good to do this at home before you leave, but there are online companies that do this). We have used Translationbound.com.au before.

Whether you’re hiring a car, a campervan, or a motorhome, it pays to read the fine print. Things to look out for in contracts include limits to how many kilometres you can drive, cleaning fees, rules about travelling on unsealed roads. (Many hire companies will not allow you drive on dirt roads) and insurance details.


And always make sure you inspect your vehicle carefully when you pick it up, making note of any pre-existing damage on your paperwork: it’s a good idea to take a few photos with your smartphone.

Make sure you have a current credit when pickup up your vehicle. Most companies will require a current credit card, although some will accept a Debit Master or Visa Card. Most companies will freeze a bond on this card and if you do not take an insurance upgrade options, the full excess amount will normally be taken off this card as well. Ask us on live chat which card option you will be required to have when making a booking.


Vehicles that have dual batteries that power your van’s fridge and lights will recharge while you’re driving. But you will still need to plug into a powered site every couple of days.Or if you are stopping in the 1 spot for several nights. Most caravan parks will offer powered or unpowered sites. And will have communal bathrooms and sometimes kithens as well as coin-operated laudry facilities. (keep a stash of gold coins handy for these as you travel around). It,s also a good idea to use the cooking facitlites at park and campgrounds along the way (this saves the cleaning and gas use in your vehicle). You can look at these on Campermate and Wikicamps. 

Most national park campgrounds don’t have power or hot showers, but they do have composting toilets and are always in beautiful spots. Ensure you check out any fire rating issues before you set up a camp fire. Be respectful of all wildlife and take all your liter with you. Alot of towns offer free overnight parking for self-contained RVs, which means you’ll need to have an onboard toilet to stay there – visiting the local tourism centres in town can be a great way to find out any secret gems from the freindly locals.

Understanding insurance options when renting a campervan/motorhome.

Its important to understand the insurance options when renting a campervan. Most companies will offer an added daily rate to bring down the cost of accident excess. These excesses can range from $1000.00 – $7500.00 depending on the vehicle type. We advise our customers to take the excess reduction amount for peace of mind as this can bring that access down to as low as $0.00. Also make sure you read the full conditions when taking out the vehicle as many insurance options do not cover the underbody or roof or accidents that occur if driving at night.

We can discuss this with you at time of booking if you wish. Even if you take out the best insurance option you will still need to have your card present on pickup as most companies will still freeze a bond on the card.

Understand return policies. Make sure you review the return policies, including any late return charges, cleaning and refuelling fees and damage fees. Always return the vehicle in the same condition you received it in to avoid any additional costs.

So its time for adventure start by renting your campervan today!