WhaleSong Whale Watching Cruise Hervey Bay

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Fast facts

  • Departs Hervey Bay
  • Choose Morning or Afternoon tour
  • Morning tour 8 am – 1 pm
  • Afternoon tour 2pm- 8m sometimes 6.30 pm

WhaleSong tours gives you the ultimate in Wildlife adventure on this tour amazing Whale watching tour.

The crew at Whalesong gives you the finest possible Whale Watch experience whether you select the morning or afternoon trip. During a portion of your tour, there won’t be any other boats in the area. Both of our cruises include: – Guaranteed Sightings: A free return journey is provided if there are no whale sightings. Low Passenger Numbers (only use 60% of the available capacity to ensure passenger comfort) – Complimentary bus transfers to and from lodging in Hervey Bay. – Professional analysis of the region’s flora, with a focus on humpback whales, and its Aboriginal (Butchulla) history and culture. – A welcoming, multilingual team offering real-time, one-on-one commentary translation (French, German, Spanish, Italian). – A hydrophone for hearing the whales’ “singing.” – Advanced Eco Tourism accreditation and a commitment to ethical company conduct – Your cruise does not harm the environment

MV Whalesong features undercover viewing on multiple levels, a fully supplied bar, and the ability to buy souvenirs and other items. It also provides activity sheets for children. Free WiFi is available on board, and the restrooms are wheelchair and baby stroller accessible. Our extra-wide decks give our customers great viewing and seating opportunities.

Longer morning whale watching

We will get you out on the Bay and into the whales’ company before the other boats, but will still get you back in time to use the rest of your afternoon if you choose. Our early trip spends the most time with the whales of any morning cruise.

8:00am – 1:00pm
Time: five hours
Fresh fruit tray and several cakes are served for morning tea.
Cold roasted chicken, ham, 3 salads, fresh bread, and buffet lunch.
Complimentary loose leaf tea, herbal tea, coffee and milo.

Sunset whale watching and the afternoon

This is fantastic if you want to make the most of your time in Hervey Bay because it allows you to schedule a whale watching excursion for the same day that you arrive because we’re the last full-service boat to depart in the afternoon. After an afternoon of whale watching, we take a boat home while taking in one of Hervey Bay’s famously beautiful sunsets.

2:00pm – 6:00pm (sometimes 6:30pm)
4 to 4.5 hours long
Afternoon Tea (cheeses, sliced meats and crackers)
Dinner buffet with a variety of hot and cold dishes, soup, salads, and fresh bread
Free loose leaf tea, herbal tea, coffee, and milo are available.
WHAT TO BRING: A camera with fully charged batteries, a hat, comfortable flat shoes, sunscreen, and clothing appropriate for the weather.

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