Snubfin Dolphin Cruise From Broome

From: $130.00

  • Free transfer from Broome
  • 3.5-hour cruise through Roebuck Bay
  • Wildife viewing up close 
  • Spacious shaded decks with top-deck viewing
  • Morning tea included on the cruise
  • All National Patk fees included 


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Enjoy a leisurely morning adventure as we explore Roebuck Bay in search of one of Australia’s greatest populations of snubfin dolphins and a variety of other marine creatures. On your morning dolphin cruise, look for bottlenose or snubfin dolphins interacting and enjoying themselves in the sunshine. Depending on the time of year, you might be able to see elegant manta rays or observe turtles bobbing their heads in the water.


  • Departs from 8.30 am September to late June
  • Departs from 8 am June to mid-September
  • Season: March – December


  • 3.5-hour cruise through Roebuck Bay on board the 50-foot catamaran ‘Orcaella’
  • Spacious shaded decks with top deck viewing area and cushioned seating
  • Complimentary morning tea, hot beverages, and fruit juice
  • Informative commentary
  • Wildlife sightings may include snubfin dolphins, turtles, dugongs, and migratory birds. Sightings vary throughout the seasons.
  • Swimming in the boom net – subject to wildlife sightings and water conditions on the day.

Take in the magnificent diversity of Roebuck Bay’s colors while sipping freshly brewed morning tea. On the tour, listen to our skipper’s in-depth commentary to learn more about the bay’s diverse ecosystem.

If time permits, conclude your Broome dolphin cruise with a little bit of adventure. Try your hand at swimming through the boom net. As you climb into the nett, our boat, the “Orcaella,” will slowly cruise through the shallow waters of Roebuck Bay. Holding on while being dragged through the water by the boom net while taking a cool dip.

Only at specific times of the year when the water is suitable is swimming allowed. You must be a proficient swimmer and have a reasonable degree of fitness for this exercise. Under-12-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

This morning’s dolphin cruise should be included on your bucket list if you’re seeking things to do. Whenever you choose to cruise Roebuck Bay in Western Australia, a friendly dolphin, turtle, or dugong will undoubtedly be waiting to greet you.

What is a snubfin dolphin?

Roebuck Bay is home to the world’s only resident population of snubfin dolphins. Measuring around 2 meters in length, the snubfin dolphin is much smaller than the more commonly seen bottlenose. And was only identified as a unique species in 2005. Named for its tiny dorsal fin, this species is a slow-moving marine mammal and, just like the locals in our town, seems to run on Broome Time! They are often nicknamed snubbies’ to go with their endearing nature.

What is a bottlenose dolphin?

These playful dolphins are slightly larger than’snubfin dolphins, at around 2.7 meters long. Occasionally seen riding the bow of our catamaran, these playful dolphins will live in close association with other dolphin species, and mixed pods are often seen along our coastline.

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