Reef Day Tripper Great Barrier Reef Tour

From: $220.00

  • 2 Reef locations
  • Snorkle equipment included
  • Maximum of 20 passengers
  • Lunch included on your day
  • Small group tour
  • A guided snorkel tour


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Travel with Reef Daytripper to Upolu Reef, a fantastic spot on the border of the Outer Barrier Reef, is a popular daytripper destination. It is, first and foremost, teeming with a wide range of fascinating marine life and a gorgeous array of corals. Numerous huge clams, turtles, sea stars, and reef fish can be found in the protected lagoon. In addition, the warm, clear, and protected waters here are ideal for snorkelling or diving. An enjoyable and educational complement to the day’s tour is the free snorkel guide that is available.


  • Check-in: 7.30 am; departure: 7.45 am
  • Return Cairns 4.30 pm

Avoid the crowds and visit the Great Barrier Reef as nature intended. But this outstanding, individualised service cannot be provided by any other operator in this category. For an unforgettable day on the Great Barrier Reef, come along with Reef Daytripper and our lovable team. We plan to visit two locations in the roughly four hours we have at Upolu Reef. allowing plenty of time to sunbathe on the boat, go diving, or just relax while snorkelling!

Guided Snorkel tour

You can sign up for our guided snorkel tour, which will be tailored to improve your snorkelling experience by our dive professionals. by describing the various marine species that inhabit the reef and pointing them out. In addition to a few migratory species of animals like turtles, sharks, and rays.

We can handle both certified and indroductory divers. And don’t expect us to rush you at any stage because we want to give you as much time as possible for dives. This offers you plenty of time to unwind, acclimate to the underwater environment, and leisurely explore the beauties of the reef.


  • Small passenger numbers (20 max)
  • Up to 4 crew members per 20 passengers
  • You are not a number!
  • Casual and informative reef education provided
  • A complimentary guided snorkel tour provided
  • A dive guide provided at no extra charge
  • Plenty of time to relax and enjoy the scenery
  • Eco-friendly tour: lowest carbon footprint of any Cairns snorkeling operator
  • Locally owned and operated

Important info before travel

  • We suggest you bring the following:Towel
  • Hat & Sunglasses
  • 50+ sunscreen
  • Travel calm
  • Certification card (certified divers)
  • Money for any on board purchases
  • Warm clothing for the end of the day.
  • You are also welcome to bring your own equipment for diving and snorkeling if you prefer, though, equipment hire is price inclusive.

All persons travelling aboard Reef Daytripper are subject to $15.00 levies.

24 hours cancellation notice is required for groups of 4 persons or less without charge. For groups exceeding 4 persons, 48 hours notice is required without charge.

For groups of 7+ persons, 7 days cancellation is required. Private Charters entail separate terms and conditions.

Tour & prices are subject to change without notice.

Some medical conditions may prevent you from diving. Please, read the medical questionnaire for Resort Diving. If you find you have any of the medical conditions listed and you answer yes to any question, a dive medical complying with current Queensland standards should be arranged at the earliest convenience.