Maria Island National Park Day Tour

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Fast facts

  • Depart Hobart 7 AM return Hobart 5 PM 5.30 PM
  • Lunch not included can be purchased on the day or bring along
  • One of the best places in Australia to view wombats
  • Tours begin November book ahead now
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Maria Island is a unique location that rewards visitors with a rich history of convicts, an abundance of wildlife, stunning coastal cliffs, and deserted beaches.

From Hobart, it takes just one hour to go to the boat, and it takes 30 minutes to get across the water to Maria Island, an incredible island National Park. A little island off of a larger island.

This tour is intended for the adventurous travelling who wants to explore this special island on foot. The only method to get to or from Maria Island is via passenger ferry as there are no cars there. The Painted Cliffs, and of course the fauna, history, and breathtaking beauty are the main attractions.

Our tour guides will tell you about Maria Island’s fascinating history as you hike the paths. The Tyreddeme Aboriginals, the Dutch, the English, the French, and the Italians were among the several cultures that once inhabited the island. Explorers, whalers, sealers, prisoners, fisherman, farmers, and businessmen have all called the island home.

Walking paths

We take a series of easy to somewhat difficult strolls while learning about the island’s history and major attractions. We have 2 primary walking trails for the day that span a combined distance of almost 10 kilometers. 

The Painted Cliffs are located at the farther end of Hopground Beach, and it’s a short and somewhat level hike to get there. We have plenty of time to explore the cliffs, capture the fascinating details on camera, and discover the numerous rock pools and breathtaking surroundings around.

The Fossil Cliffs trek leads to breathtaking cliffs that plunge straight into the water. The sheer quantity of different shell fossils uncovered in the rock face will captivate even the least interested geologist. It provides broad views of the Freycinet Peninsula and an intriguing look into Maria Island’s former habitats.

The island is one of the best sites in Australia to see wombats, Tasmanian Devils, Cape Barren geese, kangaroos, and wallabies since it is a haven for wildlife. The 125 kinds of birds, including all of Tasmania’s endemics and threatened species like the Swift parrot and Forty-spotted pardalote, are another draw.

Even the ferry voyage is one of the day’s highlights because the waters we go through are teeming with marine life. We keep a look out for dolphins, seals, and penguins as we go.
You can swim, take pictures, watch the wildlife, and generally enjoy island life as Maria works her magic on you while you’re there.
Join us on this adventure-filled day of discovery filled with environmental and cultural history at the ideal island playground.


Learn more about Maria Island National Park (5-6hrs)
Watch for dolphins and whales when on the ferry (30 mins each way)
Travel by foot to the stunning “Painted Cliffs” and explore the peculiar rock formations there.
As you stroll to the “Fossil Cliffs,” take in the stunning vistas.
Investigate and learn about the geological past among the exposed fossils.
At the Darlington World Heritage Convict Site, go around and learn about the history of the convicts.
Be astounded by the diverse fauna living it up on their wonderful island.
Enjoy this paradise’s magnificent isolated bays and beaches by unwinding.


Entrance to a national park
Ferry fare for the return trip
Interpretive hikes and expert guides
Pleasant small groups
Choose, centre Airport pickups and drops are available at the Hobart Hotel & Backpacker Hostel upon request.


  • Food and drinks

You may bring your lunch with you or we will stop to give you an opportunity to purchase a bakery style takeaway lunch on the day.

What to bring/wear

  • Sensible shoes for a full day walking*
  • A variety of warm clothing*
  • Weatherproof jacket if possible*
  • Hat/Sunscreen*
  • Large Water Bottle, Snacks, Lunch (or buy it on the day)*
  • Camera
  • Sense of adventure

Just remember

Our tours entail trekking through untamed areas and national parks. We concentrate on Tasmania’s fantastic short hikes. Despite the fact that the majority of the walks are rated as easy, it is nevertheless imperative to have a sufficient level of physical fitness and overall health. All tour participants will engage in outdoor, physical activities, thus they will all be exposed to the current day’s outdoor weather conditions.

Before visiting our national parks, we give all of our visitors instruction on Leave No Trace principles and Minimal Impact Bushwalking. By observing from suitable distances and instructing our visitors on how to view animals with patience and care, we give accurate interpretation and minimise wildlife disturbance. Activities are never allowed off of the trains and boardwalks.

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