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Experience everything the beautiful, pristine Lady Musgrave Lagoon has to offer on the Lady Musgrave Experience day tour departing bundaberg. Ideal for all ages to come and explore the famous Great Barrier Reef with a variety of activities offered.

The day starts at check in where guests are greeted by our friendly crew. Who to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in the offered day activities. Once all the guests have checked in, sit back and relax . With travel time of just over two hours to the Lady Musgrave lagoon.

During the transit our friendly crew will answer any questions and provide assistance. To ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all on board Reef Empress. Enjoy a selection of fresh baked goods and fruit for morning tea along with a complimentary tea or coffee.

Before arriving into the lagoon enjoy an educational reef presentation. Given by one of our crew members who will enthuse and excite you about the day to come. Once in the lagoon each group will move to the designated area for snorkel or island briefings.

Great Blue is our thirty-six seat, fully shaded glass bottom boat transports guests to the island. The glass bottom boat tour will reveal parts of the lagoon outside the snorkeling area. And offer guests a full reef experience without getting wet. Look down as our Glass Bottom Boat Skipper excites and educates guests. On everything from coral, fish, echinoderms, rays, turtles and sharks found in the lagoon.

Each passenger will have the opportunity to visit the island for a forty five minute guided tour. Where one of our knowledgeable island guides will captivate guests through an informative tour on the island. Learn about the formation and history of Lady Musgrave that attribute to the island status. As World Heritage due to the culture, scientific and educational significance. Along the guided tour meet some of the breeding birds that travel long distances to arrive at Lady Musgrave island.


You want to go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef? You have heard so many things about the Reef, so you want to find the best, most pristine part of the Great Barrier Reef to Snorkel, well look no further

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef with Lady Musgrave Experience, the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef and we promise to provide memories and experiences that you’ll be telling your friends about for years to come, literally years.

Departing out of Bundaberg, the hottest new Great Barrier Reef destination we will host you to an exquisite collection of abundant marine wildlife and coral scenery, as beautiful as you would imagine.

Once there you will see exactly what we mean by the Best Snorkel Tour Experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

Swim with turtles

Take a swim with a wild turtle in the inviting, pristine waters of the Lady Musgrave Lagoon. The calm, turquoise water in the sheltered lagoon provides the perfect opportunity to come face to face with a turtle while snorkelling from our luxury catamaran, Reef Empress.

Lady Musgrave Experience offers guests an experience like no other swimming turtles of the Lady Musgrave lagoon in their natural habitat. Watch as a turtle swims up for a breath of air or glides past you as you float on in awe.

See turtles all year round as these beautiful creatures take refuge in the sheltered lagoon. During the day turtles can be seen swimming in the lagoon, resting under ledges or getting cleaned by fish at cleaning stations, where you can witness the turtles being cleaned by smaller fish.

The two types of turtles seen in the lagoon include the friendly, docile green turtle like Crush from the movie Finding Nemo. The other species seen all year around is the endangered hawksbill turtle. Throughout the breeding season the larger loggerhead turtles enter the lagoon to nest on the island then return back out to sea.

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