Gold Coast Skydive From Coolangatta

From: $425.00

  • Check in 15 minutes prior to departure
  • A great spot to get your adrenaline on 
  • Skydive from 12,000 feet over Sufers Paradise
  • Amazing views of the Gold Coast
  • Free fall up to 220 km per hour
  • You may see whales while migrating


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Why not take in the sights while free-falling from 12,000 feet with a Gold Coast skydive? Which is renowned for its pristine beaches and picturesque hinterland. Skydivers all experience the same feeling of pure thrill while floating over the glittering Gold Coast skyline. Regardless of whether the concept thrills, invigorates, or outright terrifies them.

Check in

  • Our office, which is located at 18 Coyne St. in Coolangatta,
  • You must be here 15 minutes prior to the time of your reservation.

Here, you can get together with friends and family. We’ll point them in the direction of the landing area prior to your landing, which is just a three-minute walk away from our office.

When you arrive, a member of our welcoming staff will welcome you. You will also have the opportunity to add on a photo or video package at the desk once all required forms have been submitted.

You will receive a complimentary locker to store your valuables in after check-in is complete, before putting on your harness.

It is now time to meet your Gold Coast skydive instructor.  A 15- to 20-minute safety briefing will be given to you.

Your instructor will go over the jump with you during the briefing, as well as the crucial steps you need to take when leaving the plane, climbing to altitude, free falling, and landing.

If it’s your first time, don’t worry; most of our clients are beginners. Our instructors are very skilled and frequently jump out of planes; some of them have made over 15,000 jumps.

You will be driven to the nearby Gold Coast airport, where you will board our twin-engine Piper Chieftain or Cessna 182 aircraft in preparation for takeoff.

What a View

  • You take in the breathtaking scenery of the Gold Coast’s lush hinterland and golden shoreline during the 15-minute ascent to an altitude of 12,000 feet before arriving at the “drop point.” Watch for passing whales throughout the winter months as they migrate.
  • You’ll truly “feel alive” when you’re hanging over the edge of the plane, gazing down at the ground while your heart rate soars, and hearing the jet’s engine roar.
  • When you step out of the plane, the ocean will be directly below you as you free fall at up to 220 km/h. The emotion is otherworldly and impossible to describe in words, but it lasts for 45 seconds!
    At about 5,000 feet, your instructor will open the parachute. Everything will settle down after the incredible free fall, and you’ll be floating through the skies.
  • You can once again observe the entire Gold Coast from a different perspective during the parachute journey down to the lovely Kirra Beach.

Important info before travel

The minimum age is 16 years and there is no maximum age. People over the age of 90 have been Tandem Skydiving! Anyone under 18 years old must have their legal guardian sign the indemnity form before jumping

95kg is the standard weight limit. We can still take you skydiving if you’re over 95kg but under 115kg. For participants over 95kg there is a $50 surcharge and the jump is more subjective to weather conditions. We would recommend booking as early as possible to give you the best chance.

You will land on the soft sand of Kirra beach just 3 mintues walk from our office. The landing area is in line with the Kirra Wyndham resort.

Skydiving is a weather dependant activity and may be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable (windy or raining). We have a designated safety officer who will be monitoring the weather on the day and we will only jump if it is completely safe to do so. If we are unable to jump on the day you have booked we will contact you and re schedule your booking for a day that suits you best. If you are unable to re schedule we are happy to give you a full refund. (gift vouchers aren’t refundable)

There must be a 24-hour gap between your last scuba dive and your tandem skydive. You can skydive and then scuba dive.