Justice recently travelled the East Coast of Australia so I wanted to ask some questions to help with people’s future adventures. Including what is some must see’s, when he thinks you should book your trips and what the weather was like.

Why did you decide to travel to the east coast of Australia?


A big reason was the great Melbourne lockdown; I just wanted to get out of the state I was trapped in. Thought I might explore my own country. I wasn’t sure exactly what to see or where to go. That’s where I got my Cheap Az Travel advice. With quick, honest advice, they pointed me in the right direction while also helping me book it all together. 

What was your favourite part of your trip?


It’s hard to pinpoint one exact favourite part of my trip; there are multiple parts I really enjoyed. One of these things being the social element of travelling as a whole—meeting people who become your best friends within days or meeting people from the other side of the world who still share common interests Truly mind-blowing stuff.

What would you recommend doing to meet people?


I’m going to make this one short, but I’d recommend just travelling in general to meet people. A little tip is to just be social.

Were there any challenges you encountered on your journey?


There are always challenges with every journey, some having you at fault and some of which are just unpredictable. On my journey the challenges i faced mainly consisted of hangovers and sea sickness ( on the Whitsundays)

But the biggest hiccup in the road was quite literally on the road. When Travelling from Airlie to Townsville, we were on a very tight schedule, so nothing could go wrong. But, as you know, everything went wrong. Our bus was involved in a multi-car pileup that had the bus sitting in traffic for over 10 hours. Resulting in having to rearrange our schedule, but luckily we had help from Cheap Az, as they found us accommodation and alternative options. Thanks guys

What was the weather like when you travelled? Would you recommend going at that time?


With it being winter in Melbourne, I was pretty excited to be escaping the cold weather. Up in tropical north Queensland it stays pretty warm all year round, it was nice to see the sun again. This time of the year was great to go see the East Coast as it was the dry season and I definitely needed a break from the rain.

What was the most beautiful thing you saw in your travels?


The most beautiful thing I saw was most likely up in Cairns while on Uncle Brian’s tour. The beautiful sight was called the Atherton Tablelands; long stretches of green hills covered all you could see. Sitting up around 700M above sea level, the view over the tablelands is definitely something you can’t miss.

entice sailing on the whitsundays

What are the must-see attractions on the East Coast?


Fraser Island- Being the Largest sand island in the whole entire world,K’gari (Fraser Island) is located off the east coast of australia. What it has to offer is amazing lakes, stunning cliffside views, champagne pools, and even a desert in the center of the island. A sight not to be missed while traveling up Australia’s east coast. 

Atherton tablelands- As described before, this sight is a must see while doing the east coast. Not only does the Tablelands host amazing rolling hills, it also has out of this world fresh -natural waterfalls and lakes, breathtaking forest and forests, . An amazing escape from the bustling streets of the city or the cramped corners of the hostels. Take a break and soak in the natural beauties this world, or better yet, this country, has to offer.

Did you book your trips far in advanced?


One thing I’d like to say to all travelers is, “Yes, definitely book your trips in advance.” With COVID wiping out a lot of the tour companies and Australia recently opening up to the world, you’ll often find things getting booked out extremely quickly. This day and age, it is way better and less stressful when you book far in advance. My time frame recommendation would be to book trips 2-3 months in advance, including accommodations, and for day trips, I’d recommend booking 1-2 weeks in advance. But with popular trips, such as an East Coast tour or a trip to Uluru, book months in advance. Logic applies for campervans as well.

 There are some good travel companies I’d suggest but the main one I’d use would 100% be Cheap Az Travel, friendly staff and family like environment/hospitality. Might even score a packet of Tim Tams when booking with these guys…

I’d like to thank Cheap Az for organizing and booking my East Coast trip for me. Really appreciate their services.