i jumped out of a plane and Skydiving was always something I wanted to do but the fear of free falling out of the sky terrified me so I wasn’t sure I’d ever give it a go. So when the day came and it was really happening I had a pit in my stomach. Facing your fears sounds easier said than done but it’s something I recommend doing.

Arriving at Skydive Australia

Arriving at skydive Australia my heart was just about beating out of my chest. The meeting point was super easy to get to as it was just off the beach in St Kilda in Melbourne. As the time was approaching they set up our harnesses and got us fitted. They also showed a video and gave a safety briefing, which honestly helped with the nerves a lot.

Meeting our instructors

After we were all fitted into our gear it was time to head over to the bus. We walked over to the bus and met our instructors. All the instructors called out the name of who they were jumping with. My instructor Tony gave me a neck scarf and goggles which would help with the wind when we were in the sky. We boarded the bus and nervously sat as we made our way to the plane.

Preparing for take off

It was time to board the plane and as you can imagine, I was totally chill, not at all freaked out by the fact that I was about to intentionally jump out of a plane… Kidding. Everyone took their seats and it was time to take off. On the way up I was looking out the window thinking “oh we’re still going up?” Although I am so thankful for my instructor Tony, as he knew I was pretty nervous and kept the conversation going the whole way up.

Free Falling

It was coming close to the jump, so my instructor connected our harnesses to each other. After one last recap on how to position myself, I put my goggles on and I was good to go. I was the second jumper which I honestly didn’t mind as I didn’t have time to think about it. 

My legs were dangling out the plane 15,000 ft above the ground, yeah really high! We lean out and that’s it… We were free falling, flying down through the air. All I could think was “oh my god I can’t believe I’m doing this and also I can’t wait for my parachute to open.” But honestly spreading my arms out and just taking in the moment was unforgettable. After about a minute he opened up the parachute and we just glided through the air, it was unreal.

The View

I had a beautiful view of St Kilda beach and also the Melbourne city, It was the best of both worlds. Tony was pointing out the different places we could see, like the MCG and Luna Park which was wild to see from so high up. Gliding down I really got to appreciate the views and he even let me steer around the parachute.


The ground… never been so happy to be on the ground, I did it. It was a euphoric feeling when we landed, just going through how it was both terrifying yet the most incredible experience of my life.

I am so glad I got to have this experience. Doing something even though I was so scared made me feel really proud of myself. Having such a great instructor definitely helped me get through it and I know that I would have had so much regret if I’d never done It. This was a huge tick off the bucket list. The adrenaline run after had me on a high for the rest of the day, I must admit I felt a little invincible.

We survived our 14000 feet skydive!