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Monkey Mia is a popular tourist destination located on the west coast of Western Australia, approximately 800 kilometers north of Perth. It is famous for the frequent visits of wild dolphins that come to the shoreline and interact with locals and tourists in a natural setting. This unique experience of meeting and feeding the dolphins up close is what makes Monkey Mia so special.

Apart from interacting with the dolphins, visitors can also enjoy activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, fishing, and bird watching at Monkey Mia. The area is also known for its beautiful beaches, stunning marine life, and unique flora and fauna.

Tourists can also explore the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, which is home to a diverse range of species, including sharks, rays, dugongs, and turtles, among others. With its serene atmosphere and beautiful scenery, Monkey Mia remains a top destination for those seeking a memorable holiday in Western Australia.