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Phillip Island is a short 1 hour and 45 minute drive from the city of Melbourne in Victoria. There’s plenty to see and do along the way to and on the island itself.

What can I do?

On the way to Phillip island there’s a few wildlife sanctuaries you can visit. Maru is one of the popular spots and hosts all sorts of native wildlife. Another popular spot we recommend is Moonlit wildlife sanctuary. At either of these spots we recommend hand feeding wallabies and getting a close up encounter with a Koala.

Once you get to Phillip island and cross over the bridge we recommend a visit to Churchill island. Cross over another short bridge to get to this working farm. This is the site of the first working farm in Victoria. Explore the farm and see different shows such as the working dogs in action.

Woolamai surf beach isn’t far from here and is a great spot for a swim or (you guessed it) surf on a hot day. If you want an epic view of the island Jump on a helicopter tour just near here as well. You’ll see Phillip island helicopter tours easily from the main road.

A short drive and you’ll come across the Koala Conservation centre. Explore the sanctuary here and see the Koalas close up in their natural habitat.

Stop off in the town of Cowes for a spot of dinner. There’s nice restaurants in the main street. We recommend grabbing some take away and sitting on the beach here.

Head to the Nobbies boardwalk on the south eastern side of the island. A large colony of seals lives on the rocks off the shore here. Walk the boardwalk and keep your eyes out for some little penguins in their burrows.

Undoubtedly the main attraction on Phillip island is the Penguin parade. Here you can watch hundreds to thousands of penguins return to their burrows every night after fishing on the ocean. Make sure you get here an hour before sunset in order to get a good seat and hear the ranger talk. The penguins come in within a couple of minutes of sunset here.

If self driving it is recommended to stay the night as sunset can be as late as 9pm in Summer in Melbourne. Let us compare the best campervan companies and get you the best deal. Otherwise take our day tour and let us do the driving.