1 Day Wilsons Promontory is the place to visit if you like hiking, discovering the nature and want to spot wild animals? If so the one-day Wilsons Promontory National Park is the right tour for you.

Setting off

Our trip started at 7 am, pretty early in the morning but you have to drive a while to get there. We had a stop in Wonthaggi, a pretty little town. When you haven’t prepared your lunch, you can buy it there.

Arriving The park

After that we went to the park. The landscape is incredibly beautiful there. Hills, rocks and the ocean surrounded you. Our first stop with the bus
was near the entrance where you can see some of the wild animals. Right next to our parking spot were some Emus. They weren’t shy, we were only
30 meters away from them and took pictures. Then we wanted to spot some wallabies, kangaroos and wombats, but sadly they were all hiding because
of the heat. With a lot luck we could spotted a wallaby.

Let’s go hiking on the 1 Day Wilsons Promontory

After that we drove into the park and stopped near to Mount Bishop. We went hiking up to the top. The way isn’t that long but it’s hard because of the gradient. We made a few stops on our way up to enjoy the view over the park. Between the trees you could see the Norman Beach
and the squeaky beach, where we wanted to go afterwards. After a while the path became smaller and you had to be aware not to trip over roots or
little stones. The sun was getting hotter because it was around midday when we arrived the top.

Taking it all in

We had a little rest and ate our lunch on a big rock. It was so quiet up there, you could hear the birds and cicadas. Around the corner was also a little lookout where you could see the ocean and the beaches. We all climbed a little rock and took photos with a part of the park and the beach behind us.

Beach time!

Then we made our way back and stopped at Squeaky Beach which is just a few minutes a few. There we had some time to dip our feet in
the water and take a walk along the beach. When I walk on the sand, I knew exactly why it’s called “Squeaky Beach”. I never heard these noises
when I was walking on a beach before, even the texture is different. It was nice to cool down after the long walk up to the top, also because it
was a warm day.

Time to head back to Melbourne

Our tour guide gave us the option to got to the night market in Melbourne, it is a great idea, but we were all so tired that we just wanted to go home and fall asleep.

Altogether the trip is really worth it, especially if you don’t want to sit in the bus all day instead of discovering the nature and find hidden places.
Your tour guide will tell you things about the animals you don’t know yet. It is interesting to practise your knowledge and sometimes you will be surprised.