1 Day Penguin island tour to Phillip Island was the first tour I decided to do. The decision was easy – who doesn’t love penguins?
The tour started around 11 am. We started in Melbourne and made our way through it and further out of the city until we reached our first stop – the Moonlit Sanctuary.
There we had a little rest and lunch before we explored the park. At the circular path you saw all of the typical Australian animals. The koalas were
sitting in their trees and sleeping under the hot midday sun. As I made my way through the park, I saw emus, reptiles, geese and of course wallabies and kangaroos. You can hand-feet them too, if you buy some feed at the entrance for $2.

The wallabies and kangaroos were very trustful and I could
pet them as well. So soft and fluffy! This is the attraction at the park. But there are also some other interesting animals like the
Tasmanian devil, owls and many other bird species and wombats.

1 Day Penguin island tour to Churchill island

Our 1 day Penguin island tour next stop after the little trip into the wildlife of Australia was Churchill Island, where we visited the popular Churchill Island Heritage Farm. When
I stepped out of the bus, I had a beautiful view: Green hills, blue water and just nature. The farm has so many little paths between the old farm house
and its garden, the barn and the stables. This is a great experience to get out if the city by exploring the farm life, e.g. when you watch some of
the shows like sheep shearing, working dogs or cow milking. Additionally, you have a great view of Western Port Bay and the green hills of the island.
This is also a great location for a picnic or lunch with its outlying places so you can enjoy the silence and the view.

After our outing into the countryside we had a little rest at Cape Woolamai, truly a surfer’s paradise with the nearly white sand and
the turquoise water. A really beautiful beach and a great place to stay when the Australian sun is burning.
To be sure that everyone saw a koala this day we went to the Koala Conservation Centre. Different from the Moonlit Sanctuary this place
is more like a natural habitat with high trees and a lot more space for the animals, who are coyer than than the animals in the Moonlit Sanctuary.
We could also see some baby koalas inside a nest, which was built with a translucent material so that you could see them when the light incides.

The next highlight was our stop at the Nobbies Centre. Inside you can sit down and eat something while enjoying the outlook. Outside around
the centre is are boardwalks all around so you have a beautiful view over the landscape: green hills littered by pink little flowers and in the back
the dark-coloured rocks surrounded by the blue water. I just sat down for a while and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any
seals, but maybe I will next time I get there.
Before we go went to the last stop, we had a little rest in the little township Cowes. We had about one hour to discover the city with
its pretty little shops, restaurants and a beautiful view over Western Port Bay.
And finally, the attraction everyone was waiting for: the Penguin Parade. In the visitor centre were so many people, it was incredible.
Everyone wanted to see the cute little penguins, getting to their nests. To get to the stand I had to follow the boardwalks between the hills. At first,
I was disappointed because you nearly couldn’t see the penguins because of the amount of people sitting in front of me, so it’s a good idea to bring
a spyglass with you. But you also have the possibility of seeing them searching for their nests between the hill. As I walked along the boardwalk back
to the visitor centre, I saw so many tiny penguins waddling right next to me along my way. I saw the female penguins waiting for them to return back
and the call of their hungry chicks. The trip was really worth it. It wasn’t allowed to take photos of the penguins because of the flashlight and the
noises, but I think this is actually something good. You can truly enjoy the experience and don’t have to worry about the perfect picture. Especially
in our time where it is normal to share everything on social media it is important to take a break from all these influences and just appreciate the
We returned late in the evening between 11 and 12 pm, so we were all very tired. The day was full of experience and beautiful moments. The tour guides
contributed a lot to thereto.They explained everything to us but it was not too much information. With their sense of humour and their relaxed type
they supported the great experience.

I would recommend the tour to everyone who is interested in nature and animals. It’s a great tour for young and old. Be prepared with enough sunscreen,
water and a sunhat for the day. You can bring your own food but there are enough possibilities of taking a break and order you some meals.