Greyhound 30 Day Whimit East Coast Bus Pass

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Fast facts

  • 30 Days Unlimited travel in any direction
  • 1 Year to commence travel
  • Fantastic value for any traveller
  • Once purchased, your ticket will be emailed
  • Hit all the East Coast highlights

.Unlimited 30 day coach travel allows you to discover the East Coast of Australia at your own pace. This discounted bus pass allows you to travel from Melbourne to Cairns or Cairns to Melbourne. You can start in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns literally anywhere. You can also travel up or down and use sectors more than once.

This Bus Pass gives you great flexibility to return to destinations that you loved or to avoid expensive flights.

With a 30-day East Coast Whimit Travel Pass, you can explore famous and well-known locations or even find your own secret treasures along the East Coast. Consider the possibility: It might be the bustle of Sydney one day and the peace of a tropical beach paradise the next. And your time will start ticking down once you have booked your first sector for a specific date.

. Even if you fancy a day tour to Fraser island or a overnight sailing trip on the Whitsundays. With our live booking availability with us you can always get that last minute booking your after. Or checkout our 30 day Melbourne to Cairns blog to get the most out of your 30 day pass


Unlimited travel for as many days as your schedule will allow in any direction along the East Coast.
The best use of your money is to spend it on yourself rather than stressing about how you’re going to get there.
We always have transportation available to take you to your next destination thanks to our various daily departures but its always good to book in advance during busy times an peak seasons.
Free WiFi and in-seat USB chargers on all of our coaches let you stay connected.
Manage your reservations online by logging into your account and booking a seat for your upcoming trip.
Travel on Australia’s largest coach network and discover all of those off-the-beaten-path hidden gems to go further and see more.


East Coast Whimit

1. First day of travel must commence within 12 months from the date of purchase

2. Whimit is valid for unlimited travel on Greyhound Australia East Coast services for the number of consecutive days purchased

3. The available Travel Days commence at 00:00am on the date that the first sector commenced and ends at 23:59pm on the last day

Full terms and conditions can be found here

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