3 Day Open Water SSI Scuba dive course Magnetic Island

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Fast facts

  • Includes 4 dives
  • SSI course
  • Fantastic for the budget traveller

Join the 3-day SSI Open Water Course with Pleasure Divers on Magnetic Island! Visit paradise while gaining diving knowledge at the same time!

For more than 20 years, Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island has been in business.

situated on the shoreline of Geoffrey Bay. First of all, the nicest beach dives on the island are easily accessible from Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island. and diving locations, such the Moltke Shipwreck.

Second, Magnetic Island is proud to have the only pool designed just for dive instruction. 
Thirdly, dive spots with simple access and top-notch instructors. It’s a wonderful idea to learn how to dive at Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island. Develop your abilities or turn professional.

With some of the best places just outside our front door and local experts on hand to help you maximise your diving experience.
It’s usually a good idea to check the weather forecast for the dates you wish to start the course when making your reservation.

Day 1

Begin in the classroom, where you will study dive theory. By registering with Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island, you can complete Theory online before the course.
If you finish the online theory before the course, there is a meet and greet on the first day where we go over any issues you might have had with the theory. You can also complete the theory in the store. Your teacher will go into the physics of diving, your physiology, and how being underwater affects you. To ensure you fully comprehend dive theory, your Instructor will walk you through each part step-by-step.

Day 2

Starts in the pool, where you become comfortable with all the scuba equipment and practise various dive techniques to help you grasp the fundamentals of diving. You’ll soon be able to swim like a fish and be prepared for the ocean. Your Instructor will take you to one of our island diving spots following lunch. On this dive, as well as your first open-water dive, you’ll get the opportunity to practise feeling at ease in the water. Following dive 1, you will return to the ocean for your second training dive, where you will practise many of the techniques you learned in the pool.

Day 3

For your last two practise dives, you return to the water. You just need a few more abilities on each dive because you previously finished the majority of them on dive 2. But you’ll have plenty of time to unwind and take in the sights. You just need to finish the theory to become certified and get ready to dive!

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