Bruny island Travellers Day Tour

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Fast facts

  • Departs Hobart 7.45 AM returns Hobart 5.30 PM
  • Includes a 7 course food tour of Bruny island
  • Lunch at Bruny island Premium wines
  • See white wallabies on private reserve
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A Seven Course Gourmet food tour of Bruny Island. Explore spectacular landscapes and gourmet local produce on this full day land based tour.

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys takes you on a food adventure to Bruny Island, the source of delectable cheese, oysters, fudge, berries, wine, and whisky. Learn about their produce and the harvest’s history. This is more than just a tasting tour; at each location, we unwind, and take in an all-inclusive experience. You’ll encounter breathtaking views all day long. Observe how the narrow peninsula swings away to the south at The Neck. Go for a stroll and leave your tracks on a desolate beach. The southern island’s dense rainforest replaces the island’s northern light bush. This unspoilt wilderness is home to a variety of fauna, including uncommon white wallabies.

Sample Itinerary

07:45am – Depart Hobart
08:45am – Arrive Kettering
09:30am – Ferry crossing
10:00am – Bruny Island Cheese
10:45am – Get Shucked Oysters
11:20am – Bruny Island Berry Farm (in season)
12:00pm – White Wallabies on our private reserve at noon
01:00pm – Lunch at Bruny Island Premium Wines
02:20pm – Bruny Island Chocolate Company
02:40pm – Bruny Island Honey
03:00pm – The Neck
03:40pm – Bruny Island House of Whisky
04:30pm – Ferry crossing
04:50pm – Arrive Kettering
05:30pm – Arrive Hobart

Departs Hobart every day at 7.45 a.m. You can either meet us at our Pennicott Wilderness Journeys Booking Center, which is located on Franklin Wharf close to the Constitution Dock Lifting Bridge on Hobart’s waterfront, or we can pick you up from your hotel in the Hobart CBD. At 5.30 p.m., the tour concludes in Hobart with a hotel drop-off in the CBD.

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  • • Cancellations within 1 Day of the start date incur a 100.00% fee.
  • • Between 1 Day and 2 Days incur a 50.00% fee.
  • • Between 2 Days and 365 Days incur a 0.00% fee.

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