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Fast facts

It’s up to you how you decide to Bungy at The Ledge. It’s freestyle, and you’ve got a short gondola ride to the top to make up your mind. Fling yourself off the edge of our platform high above Queenstown. If it sounds slightly crazy, that’s because it is. But slightly crazy decisions make great stories.

Situated 400m above Queenstown, this is our unique Freestyle Bungy. The full body harness allows you to run, jump, twist, flip and spin off the Ledge. Choose from the Jump Menu, such as Superman-style, Matrix, or Flying Squirrel. Easy to walk to from the centre of town you will get simply epic views as you look across the whole of Queenstown.


Bungy Jump, Certificate, Authentic Bungy Jumper T-shirt

Trip duration:

Allow 1.5hrs, includes Gondola travel time


Located at the top of the Gondola in Queenstown. The ‘Skyline Gondola’ can transport you to the top, tickets are available directly from their ticketing office located at the top of Brecon Street in Queenstown. You cannot drive to The Ledge Bungy & Swing Site, however there are a few walking tracks that are accessible, allow at least 1hr if you want to hike up, this is only recommended in Summer and for those who are at least moderately fit.

Specialist info:

– Age: Min 10 yrs (Children 14 and under need to be accompanied by an adult)
– Weight: Min 35kg – Max 127 kg
– Medical Conditions: These are a case by case basis so please talk to the team if you have a medical condition. Pregnant women are unable to Bungy Jump. Please read the medical requirements [here](https://www.bungy.co.nz/safety/).

What to bring:

– Comfortable clothing
– Cameras are more than welcome

Other interesting and relevant info:

– 400m Above Queenstown
– Twist-flip-dive, the possibilities are endless
– Full Body Harness Jumps, allows Freestyle Bungy Jump options
– Gondola ticket not included

Activity & Check-in Times:

10.30am, 11.00am, 12.30pm, 1.00pm, 1.30pm, 3.00pm, 3.30pm, 4.00pm, 4.30pm. Check-in 15mins prior, we recommend catching the gondola 30mins prior

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