Kool Katz 4 Hour Surf Lesson From Byron Bay

From $49

Fast facts

  • Four hour surf lesson
  • Incredible value
  • This is a group lesson

On your first surf, stand up and ride a wave for 40 metres or get your money back. We go to beginner waves and demonstrate a few techniques. Lets get   surfing!

When you surf with Kool Katz, Terry Hannon, the owner, is pleased to be able to introduce his customers to some of the top surfing spots on the planet. The Messingham bridge area, the ideal right-hand sandbar to the north of Flatrock reef. And the National Surfing Reserve of Lennox Head are, in his opinion, the three crowning achievements. With its ideal beginner waves at every tide and for the majority of swell sizes. Terry Hannon, the owner of Kool Katz thinks this is the best place on earth for beginning lessons. These locations are all inside Ballina, NSW, the boundaries of our permitted region.

Best Time for Conditions

We work hard to provide you with the finest surfing experience imaginable! The exact start time will be confirmed 24 hours prior to the class once the peak time has been established in order to ensure this occurs.

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