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  • CHECK-IN TIME 8 AM 10.30 AM &1 PM

Everyday June – October | 3.5 Hours | Pre booking essential!

Small and Personalised Whale Watching Eco Tours
Pre booking essential

Whale Watching Byron Bay conduct tours every day during the whale watching season (June-October).


Come and join us and experience one of the worlds most incredible animal migrations. Whale Watching Byron Bay will take you right up to the humpback whales with the amazing Byron Bay landscape as a backdrop.

Whale Watching Byron Bay is the only whale watching tour operator departing directly from Byron Bay . This allows us the quickest access to the Humpback whale migration on the Australian east coast.

Whale Watching Byron Bay has been operating since 2002 making us Byron Bay’s most experienced whale watching tour operator. Over the years we have developed a tour that will provide you with a safe, informative and rewarding experience.

Whale Watching Byron Bay conduct daily whale watching tours between June and October. Our trips are small and personalised with a maximum of 12 customers per tour.

The migration route of the Australian east coast Humpback whale brings them in such close proximity to Byron Bay’s Cape Byron it is likely you will encounter several whales during your tour. This also allows us the quickest access to the waters used by migrating humpback whales. Therefore there are no long boat rides to and from whale watching sites and your whale watching adventure begins immediately.

The unique geography of Byron Bay’s Cape Byron allows us to pin point each whale’s location, therefore Whale Watching Byron Bay’s tours often encounter whales within minutes of departing Byron Bay.

Our whale watching guides will impart interesting facts about the migrating whales as well as Cape Byron Marine Park’s many other sea creatures including dolphins, sea turtles and many different species of sea bird. Each of Whale Watching Byron Bay’s vessels is equipped with a hydrophone so you can listen to the Humpback whales amazing whale song.


– Whales
– Dolphins
– Various marine life and bird life
– Julian Rocks marine life tour
– Trained eco guides
– Hydrophone to listen to whale song
– Underwater Viewing Devices
– Transfers from Whale Watching Byron Bay to vessel
– Boat jackets
– Sunscreen

What to Bring

– Rain coat (optional)
– Shorts/loose pants you can roll up above the knees (you will get your feet wet)
– Warm clothing (e.g. jacket, fleece, warm head wear)
– Hat
– Sunglasses
– Camera
– Binoculars

Come Whale Watching with us!

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