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  • Course Begins Monday Wednesday Friday
  • Includes 4 Dives Ssi Course
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3 Day SSI Open Water Course with Pleasure Divers on Magnetic Island! Come visit paradise and learn to dive at the same time!

Day 1

Starts in the classroom where you’ll learn about dive theory. Theory can be done online prior to the course by visiting and registering yourself with Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island. If the online theory is completed prior to the course the first day is a meet and greet and we go through any problems you may have had with the theory.

Alternatively you can do the theory at the shop. Your instructor will explain dive physics, physiology, and how you are affected underwater. Your Instructorwill also take you through each section step-by-step, so that you have a complete understanding of dive theory.

Day 2

Starts in the pool, getting you familiar with all the scuba equipment and helping you understand the basics of diving with some dive skills and practice. Before long you will be swimming like a fish and ready for the ocean. After lunch your Instructor will take you to one of our Island dive sites, for your first open-water dive. On this dive you will get a chance to get comfortable being in the ocean. After you have completed dive 1 you’ll head back into ocean, for your second training dive where you will repeat many of the skills that you mastered in the pool.

Day 3

You’re back into the ocean for your final 2 training dives. As you have already completed most of your skills on dive 2 you only have a few more skillson each dive. You will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sites. All that’s left to do is to complete the theory and you’re CERTIFIED and readyto dive!

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