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Let your heart wander and your travel plans follow with a Whimit Pass! Whimit is the ultimate travel pass, granting you passage on Australia’s most extensive coach network — on any route and in any direction — for your chosen amount of time. There is no other travel option in Australia that gives you the flexibility Whimit gives you. With over 180 stops, both on and off the beaten track, you’ll have the freedom to do as much, go as far and be as adventurous as you want. The only thing you really need to do is ask yourself, ‘How many days will I Whimit?’


  • Unlimited travel: any route, any direction on Australia’s largest coach network for as many days as your time allows.
  • Best value for money: spend your precious pennies on having a good time, not worrying how you’re going to get there.
  • Less planning, more travelling: multiple daily departures means we’re always ready to take you to your next destination.
  • Staying connected: free WiFi and in-seat USB chargers on all our coaches.
  • Online booking management: just jump into your account and reserve a seat for your next trip.
  • Go further, see more: travel on Australia’s largest coach network and see all of those hidden gems off the beaten track.
  • One ticket: keep it simple and don’t be weighed down. It’s the hassle-free option.

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