Jucy Campervan 4 Berth Compass | Cheap Az Travel

Jucy Campervan 4 Berth Compass | Cheap Az Travel Book Now

Whether you’re planning on a weekend road trip, a festival extravaganza, or to cross Australia on a bucket-list adventure, our Compass is the perfect ride.

The Compass is fully self-contained, thanks to its portable toilet and kitchen facilities. By day, you’re driving a minivan. By night it takes a hot minute to pop the super comfy rooftop tent, almost doubling your camper’s living space.

We also set you up with everything you need for a stress-free roadie. Bedding and towels are included, as is everything you need in the kitchen to whip up a campground feast. Sunrise breakfast burritos, anyone? Oh, and unlimited mileage, too!

Jucy Campervan 2 Berth Crib | Cheap Az Travel Book Now

Our green-and-purple Crib is famous at Australia’s travel hotspots, thanks to its nifty custom-built design and cool camper features.

Driving around Australia with your belongings, bed, and a cleverly designed kitchen has never been so easy (nor as easy to park). Formerly a soccer-mum minivan, we’ve turned this caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Convert the two bench seats into a bed by night, and be wowed by the compact kitchen as you cook up a campground feast. We’re road trip crazy at JUCY. That’s how we’ve mastered campervan building. How else do you explain fitting so many cool features into a small van?

Our Crib is a 2-berth campervan; perfect for roadies with your best bud or that special someone. Your comfy double bed appears like a magic trick; a quick 1-2-3 with the bench seats and ta-da – a double bed for your snoozing pleasure!

In the rear, you’ll find a compact kitchen with everything you need (including utensils) to make a morning cuppa, sunrise breakfast, or even a midnight feast.

Jucy Campervan Coaster 2 Berth | Cheap Az Travel Book Now

Like a hungry man at a buffet, we really stuffed our JUCY Coaster. With neat features, duh! We’ve been honing our custom campervan building skills for some years now, and you know what they say, practice makes perfect!

That’s why, alongside our comfiest double bed, you’ll find a cassette toilet and a well-equipped kitchen. We’re talking 49-litre fresh and grey water tanks, a sink, 50-litre fridge (how many Tim Tams can you fit in there?), plus a gas cooker. We also make sure you have everything you need to make a feast in your kitchen like pots, pans, and utensils. Oh, we include bedding and towels, too! If you’re planning a bucket-list-worthy Australian roadie or a low-key adventure nearby, consider our Coaster campervan as your trusty sidekick. We’ve crammed our Coaster with some epic features. It’s like our custom-camper builders went a little Mary Poppins as they designed our newest vehicle on the fleet.

The kitchen is our best yet. A sizeable 50-litre fridge is perfect for stocking with groceries, especially on those outback adventures where supplies can be limited. Do your best Jamie Oliver impression as you cook up a storm using the gas cooker, sink, and well-stocked supply of utensils and kitchen equipment. You can even dine in, thanks to the inside table and bench seats. BYO rose and candles if you’re on a romantic adventure, though!

We love driving our Coaster, too. Cruise control, power steering, A/C in the cabin, and a dual battery system, make for a smooth ride. Plus the reversing camera ensures every car park or campground spot is handled with ease (great in those destinations that are teeming with wildlife, too!). And, the Bluetooth speakers mean you’re never bored on the road, whether it’s blasting a top tune, or getting stimulated by a podcast.

Jucy Campervan Condo 4 Berth | Cheap Az Travel Book Now

Put your hands up if you wanna stand up! Thanks to our smart customisation, our Condo campervan gives you the on-road maneuverability of a minivan but feels spacious inside.

It’s not just the nifty ‘upstairs’ bed space and lower bottom bed for two that we custom-make. We also added a cool kitchen, plus a dining space for whatever campground feast you prepare.

We’re not stingy on the amenities, either. We include a full kitchen kit, along with bedding and towels. Unlimited kilometres is included for free, too! We’re as crazy about campervan features, as Kanye is about sneakers. We get giddy every time we come up with a new way to add more space-saving features. Camper-geeks, we know!

This translates to you as a ton of cool discovery moments in your JUCY Condo. We love seeing your face during a vehicle show-through, especially when we show you create two beds from thin air!

You’ll also find magic as you cook your first campervan meal. Or in that dining room selfie. And it’s definitely ‚Äòa moment’ as you enjoy nibbles from the outside dining table at sunset.

These moments are why we do what we do. We’re so happy to share them with you.

Jucy Campervan Champ 4 Berth | Cheap Az Travel Book Now

Experience the best of both worlds when you hire a JUCY Champ. Our outstanding campervan gives you a compact vehicle to drive and park, no matter where you are. Even in Sydney’s tightly cramped parking spaces!

When you park at your campground for the night, it takes a quick one-minute to unlock your penthouse bed and, voila, you have a second bedroom and double your living space. The Champ also has a kitchen in the back. Call us biased, but we think the best way to experience Australia is behind the wheel. And how much better is it when your vehicle comes with two double beds and a kitchen tucked neatly in the boot? Drive anywhere, eat anywhere, sleep anywhere (legally, of course)!

Alongside two double beds (one magically raises when you need it), our Champ campervan also has a raft of features. These include a kitchen with a gas stove, sink with taps and drain, plus an 18-litre fridge. We also supply you with bedding and kitchen kits, so there is no need to buy unnecessary supplies.

Jucy Campervan El Cheapo 2 Berth | Cheap Az Travel Book Now

Ready to explore Australia on your own timetable? Great, because our El Cheapo Sleeper gives you the freedom to explore wherever your heart desires.

How about waking up with kangaroos chowing breakfast outside your campervan in South Australia’s Deep Creek Conservation Park? Or watching the sunrise along the Great Ocean Road as you cook up a feast in your camper’s kitchen? Or hearing that the aurora australis (the southern lights) are likely coming out tonight and spontaneously heading to a dark sky area to catch them? A front-row view of a shimmying pink-and-purple night sky sounds pretty magical to us.

Those fairytale-like moments, whatever unfolds for you, are why we’re in the business of road trips. The spontaneity, the flexibility, and the discovery of new places.

To help your Australian roadie along, we give you a ton of supplies, at no extra cost. We’ll provide the bedding, kitchen, and cleaning supplies; you add your fave snacks and campervan groceries to your Esky, and you’re off! Oooh, don’t forget to create an epic road trip playlist, too!

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