Exmouth Dive Centre Ningaloo Reef Scuba Diving (Full Equipment)

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  • Wide variety of dive sites
  • Ningaloo Reef
  • Full equipment included

Exmouth Diving Centre offers a wide range of recreational adventure diving services from the novice diver to the experienced diver on a wide variety of dive sites.

We are now supplying all of our divers Enriched Air for free, whilst diving off our vessels. With less Nitrogen in the air we supply, there is a greater reduction in any risks of Decompression injuries and may help to reduce fatigue & tiredness after your dives. The drawback with diving with enriched air is that you are limited to dive above to a Maximum depth of 33meters.

If you are not nitrox certified, you can definitely still take advantage of the enriched air we offer, as long as you are diving with one of our staff members, you do not need to make any changes to your diving. Following an air profile while diving on enriched air greatly reduces the risk of decompression injuries and will make you less fatigued after your dive, which is great news. If you would like to take a Nitrox course and use the full advantage of enriched air to extend your no stop decompression limits talk to one of our friendly staff to sign up for a nitrox course whilst you are on your dives. With just a minimal amount of computer based theory (2 hours) you will get your Nitrox qualification.

If you are nitrox certified, you will be allowed to change your computer setting to take full advantage of the enriched air we offer. You will be requested to analyse your tank, label it and adjust your dive computer accordingly along with recording the information on the paperwork given to you. You will still need to follow the maximum dive time of 50 minutes per dive and your group’s surface interval.

If you decide you don't want this added safety in your dive, please let us know & we will supply you with just air.

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