Departing North Island

Stray’s mission is to get you further off the beaten track in New Zealand, immersing you in the places and activities that will, quite simply, blow you away. To name a few... an overnight stay on a real marae (Maori meeting ground), an authentic farmstay experience, a lodge set deep in native bush, a wildlife stop-over on Stewart Island, a night by NZ’s highest mountain... All of these and more are exclusive to Stray. 

Stray won the Best Visitor Transport Award at the NZ Tourism Awards and the Best NZ Tour Operator Award at the Australasian Golden Backpack (traveller-voted) Awards in 2010. Stray have extremely high customer satisfaction and referrals (97.5%) because they offer travellers more of what they want – down-to-earth, real New Zealand with an awesome crew and a greater emphasis on your needs.

Stray's average group size is 24. The benefits to having this size are many - you don’t feel herded around, they are able to include many more accommodation and activity options, it’s easier to meet people... plus stray can get you off the beaten track and do way more in a day!

Stray is passionately committed to environmentally sustainable tourism. Rather than just token gestures of energy-efficient light bulbs and recycling (which they do anyway) stray is  proud to lead the market with there environmental schemes and iniatvies. For this work we have been awarded Enviro-Gold accreditation from Qualmark. 


Stray NZ: Jack/Jackson pass (2 day minimum)
This pass is perfect for those travellers with a few days in Auckland - or for those who want to add on the Far North of New Zealand to other trips.
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From $97.05

Stray NZ: Patch pass (3 days minimum)
The Far North of New Zealand (aka Northland) is the name give to the land north of Auckland. 
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From $194.10

Stray NZ: East As Bro pass SUMMER ONLY (4 days minimum)
The East Cape of New Zealand is known as one of the most remote areas of the North Island, a special corner less known to tourists and definitely off the beaten track! 
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From $272.67

Stray NZ: Peter pass (6 days minimum)
As with all our North Island passes, there is a good focus on Maori culture and unique scenery, including Tongariro National Park. This is the best way to travel from Auckland to Wellington whilst see...
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From $522.23

Stray NZ: Tom pass (7 days minimum)
Starting and finishing in Auckland*, this trip will suit you if you just have a week to focus on the North Island. There is a good focus on Maori culture and unique scenery, including Tongariro Nation...
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From $522.23

Stray NZ: Jill pass (7 days minimum) JILL
If you are looking for an adventure around all the North Island, this is the one for you! 
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From $577.69