How to get a tax file number (this is a free service) -

Click Here just make sure you goto the bottom of first page and click NEXT to apply.

Why should I do an Australian tax return?

Simple - by lodging a tax return correctly almost all travellers are due a tax refund, the average refund is around $2,500.


When can I do a tax return?

You can lodge a tax return at the end of June each year, or when you finish working in Australia.


How do I lodge a Tax return?

We work with a Chartered Accountancy firm who specialise in tax returns for travellers; they offer a simple online return you can apply here.


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How long until I get my tax refund?

If you’ve worked after June last year you’re refund usually takes 6-10 weeks to come back

If you’ve only worked before June last year the refund usually takes 3-4 weeks to come back. 

Or our partners can send your tax refund to you in 12 hours - just choose the fast option on the application form.


Why do I get a tax refund?

When travellers work in Australia they are usually taxed at the non-resident rate of 32.5% on all income. When a tax return is prepared correctly travellers are entitled to a tax-free threshold, a low-income offset and are able to claim deductions - all of these are factors in successfully getting a tax refund.


How much tax refund will I get?

The amount you get back depends upon 3 things:

  1. How long you’ve been in Australia
  2. Your total gross income and;
  3. The total tax you paid. 

If you’ve earned under $19,000 you’ll usually get all your tax refunded.

If you’ve earned over $19,000 or you weren't in Australia for a full year you may not get all your tax back. People do not get all of their tax back when they earn more than their tax-free threshold. When this happens our partners check for deductions and offsets to maximise your refund.


Superannuation refunds

Superannuation (Super) is like a pension fund. Once you earn over $450 per month it is a requirement for your employer to pay 9.5% of your wage into a Super fund for you. You can get it back when you leave Australia. Our tax partners will assess your Super refund when they process your tax refund and let you know how to claim it back..